Communication agencies

Timing is key, especially in terms of communication: with a finger on the pulse of news you stay informed about competitors’ press conferences and you understand the general public mood – towards your customers. Benefit from having access to a multi-dimensional and creative world of images, save time and money with individual services – and enjoy priceless inspiration.

Swiss imagery

Switzerland has a distinct perspective: Access to over 15 million images with contemporary visual language and a Swiss perspective.

High-quality content

Enhance your content with well-researched, high-quality text and images.

Legally clarified

Copyrights clarified for use of image material for advertising and PR activities.

Custom publishing

Save time and resources with Corporate Publishing products made to order.

Precise planning
Meticulous planning by means of an elaborate events database, a close eye on the weather with individually selected news and image feeds enable you to react at cyberspeed.
Individual services
Comprehensive image research, individual rights clarification and easy, project-specific invoicing: Invaluable services, allowing your creatives to regain creativity.
From editorial to creative
Industry news from every sector and contemporary images from Editorial to Creative, from Archive to Travel: get inspired by a rich and diverse stock of images.
Innovative and multimedia-based
Text, image, video and infographics: experiment with content in different media formats for your communication channels – professionally prepared and curated. Getting the point across – with clarity.
Technical solutions
The Digital Media Base (DMB) integrates all technical tools a media organization needs in digital age: The video platform APA-IT-VideoServices provides technical assistance – from standardized streaming to individual production workflows. The Mobile Publishing Suite integrates print and online, while SmartTag automatically generates SEO keywords.

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