An image database growing on a daily basis, a team of press photographers and image experts in Switzerland as well as partnerships all around the world: Make the most of a wide range of research possibilities in three main categories: Editorial, Archive, Sports or Creative or benefit from a constant news image feed– surf away on the sea of images.

Swiss focus

Images with a Swiss focus – taken at home and abroad, of current interest or with a historical touch.

Professionally curated

Top-class image selections in the following categories: Editorial, Sports, Creative and Archive.

Copyright handling

Your on demand benefit: Copyright holders of an image can be identified and fees negotiated for you.

Comprehensive image archive

Access to the country’s collective visual memory with over 15 million digital images and over 10 million analogue images from Switzerland and abroad.

Daily selections of the latest images covering sports, politics, economy, culture and daily life as well as background information or breaking news, historic images or hard-to-visualize subjects: images from Switzerland or top-class partners around the globe. 
Setting visual trends with stock and theme-based images outlining sections such as travel, food or people – contemporary imagery from Switzerland and abroad with appropriate licenses for commercial use.
From historical moments to everyday life in the old days: Switzerland’s visual archive contains over 10 million analogue images going back to the beginnings of photography – and even beyond. Digitalized on an ongoing basis and offered in the form of Selections.
Push & Pull
Receive topical image selections from the editorial image division, curated image selections by e-mail or dive into the vast image database, benefitting from high-tech research tools.

Take advantage of a global network and assign a photographer within Switzerland or abroad. Experienced specialists help you with image research, sort out copyright issues or put together a customized pool of images.

Swiss roots, global network
A team of news and theme photographers in all parts of the country, a growing network of partner photographers in Switzerland as well as international partnerships with image agencies and photographers all over the world: a comprehensive network for top-class images, with Swiss roots.

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