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Interview Jann Jenatsch, deputy managing director of Keystone-SDA

In an interview with persoenlich, Jann Jenatsch talks about the planned European Newsroom, the upcoming vote on the media law and positive signals from customers.   

From Globalisation Back to Regionality

We live more consciously. Questions about the origin, production and transport route of products have gained in importance. By "back" we do not mean a step backwards. On the contrary - Take a look for yourself!  

Nothing Works Without Energy

Planning and securing a long-term and future-oriented energy supply is no easy task. Not only politics, economy and technology, but all of us are challenged. We have also thought about this and have compiled a dossier for you focusing on energy sources and energy uses in Switzerland. 

Sport Clubs - In the Spotlight

The new ice hockey season in Switzerland (National League) starts on September 7, 2021.  The preparations have paid off: the players are freshly portrayed and the team photo has been updated on the website.

Economy and Finance

The visualization of topics such as pension provision, financial investments, trade, performance or sustainability is a challenge. It requires an eye for the essential and an examination of special perspectives.  

Tokyo 2020
The «Bubble» Diary

Our photographer Peter Klaunzer has made a photographic bubble diary that tells of a distant Tokyo, volunteers and Covid controls - an everyday life under the sign of the pandemic.  

vfg Prize for Young Talents in Photography
25th vfg Prize for Young Talents in Photography

On June 19th, 2021 the jury members of the 25th Prize for Young Talents in Photography have selected ten projects of young talented photographers.

On Assignment
Survival Days in Balzers

Der Keystone-SDA Fotograf Gian Ehrenzeller hat im Auftrag für das Migros Magazin einen Survival-Kurs begleitet und ins Bild gesetzt. 

Live-Video im Auftrag

Ob Medienkonferenz, Mitarbeiterinformation, Generalversammlung oder Kundenevent – mit Live-Streaming bringt Keystone-SDA Ihre Veranstaltung in höchster Bild- und Tonqualität an Ihr Zielpublikum.

Infographics available in Keystone-SDA basic package

Since the beginning of the year, infographics have been included in the Keystone-SDA basic package for customers.

COVID-19 | Documenting and making visible
Looking at Switzerland in Lockdown
Since the lockdown, the Keystone-SDA photojournalists have also been doing extraordinary work, documenting the Corona crisis throughout the country. The pictures can be seen here together with their personal thoughts on the subject.
Federal Elections 2019
Keystone-SDA’s Comprehensive Coverage of the 2019 Federal Elections in Switzerland
The news agency is already in the starting gates for a complete and multimedia coverage of one of the most exciting moments in politics.