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COVID-19 | Documenting and making visible
Looking at Switzerland in Lockdown
Since the lockdown, the Keystone-SDA photojournalists have also been doing extraordinary work, documenting the Corona crisis throughout the country. The pictures can be seen here together with their personal thoughts on the subject.
Federal Elections 2019
Keystone-SDA’s Comprehensive Coverage of the 2019 Federal Elections in Switzerland
The news agency is already in the starting gates for a complete and multimedia coverage of one of the most exciting moments in politics.
Live-Streams & Live-Blogs
Keystone-SDA goes live
The news agency expands its news services, adding new live and real-time offers to both text and video services.
EANA Award
Stefan Trachsel / Keystone-SDA
Keystone-SDA wins award for its text robot project
This year’s EANA Award for Excellence in News Agency Quality goes to the Keystone-SDA news agency. The European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA) honoured the Keystone-SDA journalist Stefan Trachsel, who was responsible for the innovative automation project Lena.
23rd vfg Prize for Young Talents in Photography
On June 14th, 2019, the jury members of the 23rd vfg Prize for Young Talents in Photography have selected ten projects of young talendet photographers.
Regional Services
Keystone-SDA strengthens regional services
The multimedia news agency Keystone-SDA is expanding its offering in the regions. Stories in the six regional services are now, whenever possible, published with suitable pictures. Customers will benefit from this additional service immediately.
Keystone-SDA / Gian Ehrenzeller
Launch of new image database «Keystone-SDA Visual»
Our new image database «Keystone-SDA Visual» went live on Saturday 30 March 2019. The image database has been completely revamped and given a fresh makeover. It is device-responsive, and functions on all devices and up-to-date browsers.
Photobook and Exhibition
The Everyday Life of a Federal President
Keystone-SDA photographer Peter Klaunzer photographed Alain Berset during the presidential year on his travels, at meetings, events and gala dinners. Now a photobook is published.
Hub Lausanne consolidates text, image and video
Keystone-SDA has been enriched by a considerable pillar: The Hub Lausanne started operations in its new facilities the 18th of September.
SBB and Keystone-SDA: Partners on the same track
SBB has relied on Keystone-SDA’s visual expertise for many years to take it on the journey from conceptualisation to finished campaign product.
Overseeing the news of the night during daytime
Diane Zinsel, correspondent in the Keystone-SDA office in Sydney, gives an insight into her professional everyday life. Published in "24heures" on August 29, 2019.
Foto: Niklaus Stauss
On 30 August 2018, a book will be published by Patrick Frey about the photographer Niklaus Stauss.